KFC recently announced a new gaming console that would compete directly with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, promising gameplay in 4K resolution. The dating KFC sim and visual novel has arrived in the wild and is free to download. On Steam, you can now play A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. Each act in the game entails navigating three different courses at the University of Cooking School. Though KFC is the company behind all this, the developer is actually Psyops, who are known for developing the VR fortune telling game Kismet, which received generally positive reviews back in 2017.

You’ll be able to choose from a collection of conversation options to try and win the Colonel’s heart.

If your stats are not high enough, you may be in trouble when you enter a random encounter in the park and have to fight people ruining your date withFinal Fantasy 7-styled mechanics. You don’t always “date” in dating sims as TokiMemo 2 shows; there are many minigames that break up the tedium of raising the stats and romancing. For starters, you’re a young cooking student who’s enrolled at a prestigious culinary school, which famously has three-day semesters. That’s a pretty tight turnaround to romance Colonel Sanders – a talented but aloof fellow student – who has lofty aspirations of starting a huge fried chicken chain. KFC says there are multiple hours of gameplay, a secret ending, and recipes. There are also cooking battles, 11 herbs and spices, and plenty of “cute miniature food.” The listing also reminds potential players a few times that yes, KFC did really make this game.

He praised my grandma’s mashed potatoes recipe and my scrumptious mac and cheese creation — both real-life KFC side dishes. I spent two hours at my kitchen table ruminating over the dialogue choices that would make Colonel Sanders fall in love with me. I have, in game-time, three “days” to do so, since the culinary school only offers three-day semesters.

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Heralded for its wackiness, the corporatization of a genre that means so much to queer creators and others. It’s a genre the industry as a whole often struggles to respect, and now it’s being used and manipulated to sell fried chicken. The appeal of dating sims (unlike real-life dating) is that you’re expected to fall in love and relentlessly pursue the object of your affection.

KFC is Making A Dating Simulator Game with Colonel Sanders

Just look up Japanese Wikipedia articles on any VN. Just the other day, a Japanese fan of Heart of the Woods thought “visual novel” meant a particular style of yuri lol. Yeah, I figure it makes more sense to write more about the good dating sims I like instead of having a takedown on these visual novels. This is also a matter that affects the indies, not just criticism. English language visual novels that are honest in their explorations in the medium and want to contribute their own take should also get their spotlight in the news too. I don’t speak just as a member of a English-language yuri studio; I speak as a person who wants to promote subculture media.

Extreme Meatpunks Forever, an episodic mech visual novel action game about “four gay disasters beating up Neo-Nazis in giant robots made of meat” received relatively positive coverage when it first came out. Otto is a games journalist with a few different homes. When he’s not writing news, he’s likely hundreds of hours into some massive RPG, playing punk on his beat-up guitar, or nose deep in a new Batman comic book. Fittingly for a free game made to peddle chicken, something I did appreciate about ILYCS! Your protagonist stuffs a buttermilk biscuit in their mouth instead of toast, and the Colonel’s romantic interest is piqued with a steaming bowl of mash potatoes and gravy.

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, KFC had a moderate success, though the various business owners it was passed onto had little knowledge of how to run it properly. Sanders sold KFC to investors in 1964, who sold it to alcohol manufacturer Heublein in 1971. loveplanet.com browse In 1968, Sanders’ protege Dave Thomas left the company and founded his own fast food chain, Wendy’s, the next year. Fast-food chain KFC has launched a new Intel-powered games console that comes with a built-in “chicken chamber” to keep your snacks warm.

Although primarily inspired by creepypasta stories and not originally a “parody” in that sense, the work has since been thought of as a visual novel critiquing dating sim tropes. The shock value of cute “anime” girls being angsty and suicidal has given the visual novel a ton of press. When the visual novel got a Japanese translation, many people in Japanese social media praised its shlock and even the famous Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI did a let’s play of the game.

This dating game combines the best aspects of both, from finding the right restaurant to ordering her some food in order to seduce her. The Great Bucket Hunt is the ideal way to spend a day out with a KFC fan or someone just looking for a fun date to pass the time. Download it now, and get ready to enjoy some serious bucket-licking fun. According to the game’s description, you’ll play as a student who has the chance to date classmate, Colonel Sanders, at a culinary school. It appears the entire game will be done using an anime art style, and it leans into the dating simulator genre without any shame.

Now I’ve come to love automating everything and placing things into databases. Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation. Her work has appeared at Vice, Vox, Truthout, Bitch Media, Kill Screen, Rolling Stone, and the Toast. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games.

The popularity of handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita has increased the number of video game consoles in this generation. I Love You, Colonel Sanders releases on PC on September 24, but some gamers are weighing in on the game now. — marketing stunt with no substance, something plenty probably expected here. But there’s something more insidious to the game in its lack of substance and care for the genre.